Summer Cocktails

Summer Cocktails - student project

Here's my first attempt! I had so much fun creating this painting. I haven't used watercolour in a loooong time so I'm taking this class slowly and enjoying the process. I loved how your hibiscus flowers came out - they made me think of cocktails which inspired this design. 

I had a go at scanning it in and playing with the colours too. I'm really liking how they came out! Just starting to work on my second painting now, which I'll be sharing with you on Instagram - my account is @eh.up.emma 

(P.s. I added the circles in after, didn't trust myself to draw a smooth line. Feeling braver for next time though)


Summer Cocktails - image 1 - student project

Summer Cocktails - image 2 - student project

Summer Cocktails - image 3 - student project