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Summer Captures

Hey everyone! What's up? My name is Sean Angelo, I am currently an engineering student and I'm from the UK and I enjoy doing photography whenever I get the chance to (most of the time I would say). Here are my images I have captured over the summer for the Skillshare x Stevesweatpants Project. I hope you all like what you see! Enjoy!

1. Vanishing Point - This was taken when we were on a summer holiday, we came across a long straight road and my inner photography instinct came into play. Shutter speed was around 1/25th in order to achieve the slight 'tunnel vision' effect.


The next set of images are when I was in London for the weekend to visit a friend, I already knew of the Skillshare x Stevesweatpants Project and my main aim while out in London was capturing light, color, vanishing point and scale. Although I didn't get the chance to capture a vanishing point image while I was there, I managed to capture the other three objectives.

2. Complimentary Colors - Walking around Chinatown in London is one of the best things you could do on a sunny, hot day. All the people are chill and they don't mind being photographed, which is why it was my favourite place to shoot for quite some time. There are tons of things happening at the same time, whether it is a man pushing a cart, tourists taking pictures and of course, an old lady sitting down on wooden pallet. Thought it was a good choice to capture the moment and the composition was just right. Not only that, but there are a lot of colours that pop in this photo, which is why I picked it.


3. Shooting Scale - This was after we left Chinatown and headed for Trafalgar Square. I picked this photo because it shows a resemblance of scale, like what Steve said in the video. Although I was keen on going on the London Eye to get a more 'up above' shot to show the scale of London, there was a long queue and I was not prepared to wait 1-2 hours, so at the end we didn't board it. But back to this photo, the people in the image seem to look small compared to the buildings and structures around them and having Big Ben in the background adds to that scale. (look at the person standing on Nelson's Column for size comparison).


4. Showcasing Light - This was taken when we were on the way home on a big red bus just before we headed out for a birthday meal. We were stopped at a traffic light and I was looking straight ahead and the clouds cleared way just in time that we were stationary and the sun roared through creating harsh light on the building that you can see on the photo. Another cool thing about it is that you can see the shadows formed by the building structures. And hey, who doesn't love a little bit of greenery in there? ;)


Thanks for taking the time to look and read my project, I hope you liked what I have offered to the table and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Once again, thanks Steve for sharing your knowledge and teaching an amazing class and project. Thank you also Skillshare for a fantastic website!


P.S. make sure to keep it lit, like Steve of course.


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