Summer Breakfast

Here's my attempt at breakfast pictures.  My first egg was a disaster, so I at least I got to eat something before I got started!  I took the pictures in the morning by an east facing window.  I used this shiny insulation board stuff I found in the garage as a reflector and the white curtains for the window.  I thought the lighting was pretty good. I didn't do any photo editing- I have used Gimp in the past, but it now makes my computer crash if I try to do anything, so pictures are as is.  The background is actually the closed top of an old sewing machine.

My breakfast is of an egg with squash, zucchini and some greens; tea with a mint leaf and some black-eyed susans to go with the yellow of the egg.

I took lots of pictures and couldn't quite decide.

The first one is a bird's eye view and an angle shot with the window in the background.  


In the second set, I focused on the flowers instead of the egg and did a angle shot with the wall in the background.


I'd love to hear what you think.  Thanks for a great class- it was very clear and organized and I loved seeing your examples about how you set-up and take pictures.


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