Sultry Smokey Eye

Sultry Smokey Eye - student project

Sultry Smokey Eye - image 1 - student project

For this smokey eye look, I started with Mary Kay cream eye color in Beach Blonde and covered the eye lid. I used Wet-N-Wild Eye Liner in white on the inner corners of the eye and blended.   I love mineral based eye colors- I used Mary Kay's Coal, Gold Coast and Crystaline.  I also used NYX's Ultra Peral Mania Shadow in Mink Pearl on the center of the eyelid.  I used MK's waterproof eyeliner in black on the bottom lid and their gel eyeliner in Jet Back on the top lid.  I finished the eyes off with MK's Ultimate Mascara in Black.  I wanted to keep the lips soft and neutral so I used Estee Lauder'sSpice Writer Lip liner, their Pink Parfait Lip stick and and a neutral lip gloss from my Sephora Palette.

                          Sultry Smokey Eye - image 2 - student project

Below is a day look I created on myself:

                         Sultry Smokey Eye - image 3 - student project

I used the same cream eye base and kept the colors more nuetral; focusing on highlighting my crease to add defintion to my eyes.

Kelly Smith

Makeup Artist @ Kelly Smith Makeup