Adeline Meira

Designer / Instructional Technologist.



Sully Gato & The Princess Pickles Castle


Here is the deal, I don't want to create a poster for a band. In a class of more than 800 ppl ONE is bound to be weird and that one is ME! I am creating a poster/artwork to honor my cat. His name is Sully Gato Meira and because of his pompous personality he got nicknamed Princess Pickles by my boyfriend. On Foursquare, my home is named "Princess Pickles Castle" and I am the mayor (dorky, nerdy, weird, but proud). 

Part 1 you will find my inspiration posters. They are mostly vintagy, graphichy ones. Part 2 you will see 3 of my preliminary sketches. Part 3 you will see the sketches in detail. Let me know what you think...

Part 1 - Inspiration

Part 2 - All of my Sketches

Part 3 - Sketches (one-by-one)


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