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SuiteCX Client Deck

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Who is your audience

Who they are:

Our audience is a high-level sales and/or marketing decision-maker who has authority to select enterprise software.

Their problem:

Companies spend millions on CRM and marketing automation software every year, yet customer centricity often gets lost in the implementation of these tools.  Customers have many choices and will not hesitate to switch to a competitor for a better experience.  This disconnect ends up costing companies in terms of lost revenue, lost loyalty and a reduced bottom line.

We can help:

SuiteCX  identifies both broad and niche problems for companies of all sizes and industries, and presents proven ways to turn gaps into opportunities, initiatives and planned improvements. 

SuiteCX is made up of four tools: DiagnosticCX gathers data from the company, its employees and its customers to determine the company's level of sophistication in customer centricity; VisualizeCX presents a customer journey map of touch points and their corresponding data elements; PrecisionCX enables targeted marketing tactics using personas and demand generation techniques; and AutomateCX provides all the data and business rules needed to fuel CRM, campaign management and marketing automation software.

Tell the story

Six word headline

Bring your customer back to the relationship


What’s the point?

Customers have less and less loyalty these days

If you’re experience isn’t done right, they will not hesitate to go to a competitor

Customers have more power than ever to voice their displeasure and have it be heard (United Breaks Guitars, Promoted tweet against british airways)


Why should you care?

Not getting the customer experience right can cost you $$$

The money you spend on solutions isn’t enough to bridge the gap if you don’t have a customer-centric strategy



My solutions are part of the problem!

Gaps between Sales and Marketing (lead scoring, eg)

Gaps between the proccesses and tools used by these groups

Lack of customer focused business rules when these tools get implemented in the first place



Elmer’s Glue image - the glue that binds the customer experience together



SuiteCX Tools:

DiagnosticCX: Understand where you are succeeding or failing in your employees and customers’ eyes

VisualizeCX: See what the customer experience looks like, and where all the data goes

PrecisionCX: Conduct targeted marketing campaigns that nurture customers along the ideal journey

AutomateCX: Ensure the tools you have in place operate according to customer-centric principles


Relate the story to the audience /  

Highlight 3 benefits

Save me money (eliminate waste)

Save me time (campaign workflows, drip irrigation)

Improve my customer experience at all touch points


Call to action

Contact us for a demo


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