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Suite Française

3 December

I've decided to work on the book I'm currently reading, Suite Française, by Irène Némirovsky. It's an amazing portrait of France during the early months of the German occupation in 1940, and specifically a group of Parisians fleeing the city for what they perceive to be the safety of the countryside. The author intended the book to be a "symphony" of 5 parts, but only drafted the first 2 before being arrested and deported to Auschwitz, where she was killed.

I've chosen the letter F, and I've been thinking about music, and muscial notation - the f for Forte, and ff for Fortissimo.

Fleeing, flight, diverging directions.

Storms, shipwrecks (the first part of the book is called Storm in June, and the author described her characters as experiencing a shipwreck)

The division of France into 2 halves, North/South (occupied/unoccupied), rich/poor, French/German. Wondering if the F can divide the page, or I could construct a hybrid F from 1940s French lettering with German Fraktur...

I've been playing with calligraphic approaches, flourishes, decoration - lots is made of the unneccessary decorative possessions many characters take with them when fleeing Paris.

Stone carved letters (the story is described as a Funeral for France, but is also filled with deaths). Fraktur, the Nazi's chosen lettering, 30s French type by Cassandre...


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