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Daniel Gonzalez

Creative Director @ Suit Your Suture Clothing Co.



Suit Your Suture

To best view the details of this project, please visit the mini ISSUU zine I've prepared for you:


We don’t really have a slogan. But I really do like how it sums up a brand’s ethos/objective. What we’ve been using is “Divest yourself of bourgeois ideologies”

But then we thought, Fuck — that statement sounds pretty fucking bourgeois.


For the sake of this project, we felt that a slogan should be more about what you want your audience to feel about themselves/their drive, than what you want them to feel about your “attitude”/ego. So for now, our slogan is:

Do nothing for fame/everything for the message — and that will be your legacy.


I think this really sums up what we want accomplish as a brand.

These are some of the typefaces we currently have a romantic relationship with. Just like with girls, we love them of all weights and sizes. Not pictured : Filosofia & Futura.

Our first collection will be based on modernism: Bauhaus, Russian Constructivism, Dadaism, De stijl, etc. — because we feel these are the true founding movements of (modern) subversive culture, mostly due to the industrial revolution and all that good history.


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