Suicide Warning Signs

Suicide Warning Signs - student project

I know this is definitely a morbid topic, but very relevant to what I'm involved in.

I help out with a local non-profit called Please Live that educates highschool and college students on suicide prevention. There has been a rise in suicides in our area over the past few years, and we aim to put an end to the hurt that is causing it. Basically, Please Live goes to local schools and holds lectures, assemblies, and mental health fairs to connect hurting students to local services and organizations who want to help them. We also provide resources to schools on suicide prevention.

We want students to be knowledgable on the warning signs so that they can help themselves and their friends if they see any of the signs surface around them. I think having an icon to illustrate each warning sign will make them easier to grasp and less of a task to read and learn them. We want to reach the youth in the best way possible.

Warning Signs are: 

• sad, depressed • talking about death • withdrawing from family/friends • feeling trapped • dramatic mood changes • abusing drugs and alcohol • acting impulsively • losing interest in activities • change in sleeping habits • change in eating habits • performing poorly in work or school • giving away prized possessions • writing a will • feeling excessive guilt or shame • sense of hopelessness

Here is some inspiration:

Suicide Warning Signs - image 1 - student project

Suicide Warning Signs - image 2 - student project