Suicidal Thought

Suicidal Thought - student project
  1. What am I ridiculously good at? ----- Have a monologue in any topics.

  2. What creative work makes me giddy with excitement? ------ work which represents complex of humans's mind.
  3. I Love ---- To take things in another point of view.   I Don’t Love ----- lack of research works.

  4. My dream clients are... ----- Magazine, publishing, etc.

  5. I love to do creative work with ----- Digital Platform (Computer)

  6. The ONE thing I must learn to improve my niche creative skill is ------ Be curious.

This project I represent suicidal thought in the view of who very depress with the world. So suicide is only delighting way to them.

Suicidal Thought - image 1 - student project

Suicidal Thought - image 2 - student project