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        This time I wanted to really focus on macro since my style really hasn’t been up close so far.  Also, only to shoot in manual mode on my camera.  Extremely frustrating, but I learned a lot and I had so much fun with some of these! 

I hope you enjoy my finished project. 

      I took your advice on my picture Storm Clouds Rolling…and also added a sepia tone.  What do you think?


A dog eye view

          I didn’t have to look far for inspiration when my friend asked me to dog sit his gorgeous husky.  Her eyes are so pretty I had to get a close up, especially considering my theme!  I tried so many angles and was disappointed the whole ‘shoot’ (also trying to photograph and keep the dog still!) I finally got the angle I wanted and was really glad I didn’t give up.  I’m sure the dog thought I had lost my mind.  

Natural love

        Again, working on macro I put on my 350mm lens and zoomed in around trees and flowers till I found something worth shooting.  I loved how the leaves made a heart shape from the angle I was standing at.  The trees’ branches were so wild and tangled but in macro they look as though they’re exactly where they’re meant to be.  

Easter 2014

        A friends’ daughter was visited by the bubble-machine bearing elusive Easter bunny.  Such a fun day. 

Cold fire

        I had a hunch to play with fire one day.  I regret that I burnt up most of my subjects before I got the shot I really wanted.  I shot this in Bulb with a tripod and wireless trigger.  It would have been much easier had I not had to push the lighter and the trigger and had some help.  The problem being I would push the trigger too soon and catch too much light from the initial ignition, or I would get the end embers.  Much like this picture shows.  I also added a cold tint and a little photo manipulation.

Glowing balls

       Zooming in on one particular light from the strand we have in our backyard makes the background more interesting when the rest all blur out.  They are also filled with a little bit of water which is originally why I thought they would make a curious macro subject.  

Below is just focused on one of the balls of light and water.  

The Pointy End

        My friend and I found this broken down piano and thought we’d try and make her a beautiful zombie one day.  The major line in this is from the machete but it draws the eye to the busted piano with its gutted strings. 

Faerie Lights

       The parallel vertical lines are from the high fence in my backyard and the horizontal are to the side of my house.  I shot this on my tripod using the bulb setting, while using a remote to hold the shutter while I jiggled the Christmas lights my roommate had strung along the fence.  I like how the long exposure captured the light off the fence; however, I wish I had a more interesting subject/background.  

Storm Clouds Rolling...

       I took this picture with my phone at my Grandma and Granddad’s old house.  The dock washed away in a hurricane years ago and you could still see massive storms like this one rolling in over the intracoastal.  If I’d had my camera and tripod, I would have tried to capture the incredible amounts of lightning crawling through the sky.   

Playing with Exposure

        This shot was really fun to take: I set up my tripod in my backyard and, using the bulb setting as well as a remote I captured this airplane in the night sky with 8 seconds of exposure.  I tried to keep perspective in the photo with a very small part of a tree on earth as some sort of foreground because the shot was taken of such a distant subject with an even more distant background.  I liked this photo in black and white; however, I choose to keep the harsh contrast of the red airplane lights to keep it more interesting and give the eye something more distinct in the photo to focus on.  I really like the pictures I’ve seen of cars taken with a long exposure and the lines they create.  This initially turned me on to trying long exposure settings myself.  However, I am a huge fan of space and all things alien, so I took it of planes and stars instead of cars.

Getting Ready

         This photo is almost more than half foreground with the diagonal of a wedding dress cutting off the background scene of a bridal party getting ready for the big day.  I chose the sepia filter to produce a classier and older sense to the photo as the wedding was in one of the oldest, prettiest plantations in town.  Although the obvious line in the photo is the dress, I also really like the angle of the girl on the lefts’ arm, which is almost perpendicular to the line of the dress.  

  • And thank you for all your comments!  I have been playing with depth of field more and really trying to figure out the best angle/setting in shots.  I really like the crop you did of the Soul Fire photo, it's much more in your face.  Thanks!

Ancient Willows

       The subject is my friend Rachel.  She's posing in an evocative way that contrasts with the leaning pillar in the park.  Using the rule of thirds--with the top right vertice on Rachel's right eye--accentuates the subject in the foreground without distracting from the eye's natural flow to the left of the picture.  

Come Fly With Me

         Instead of the subjects being the focal point, they rather create a frame for the mid-background.   The shadowed couple right at the foreground balances the vast background behind them.  


          Children and parents across culture and language are familiar with the game peek-a-boo.  This photo shows that when two children are playing, the whole world melts away.  There's mischief and fun in both of their faces; accentuated by the white background against the foreground child's bright t-shirt. 

Soul Fire

       Girl smoking hookah: she's looking directly into the camera and blowing smoke as if challenging the viewer to join and do something bad too.  I love the contrast created by the mid-ground man with the fedora in the white t-shirt and the black background on the right to the left side of the background where it becomes the opposite.

Spider Tree

       On a trail in Asheville, this beautiful tree was growing almost horizontally from the side of the mountain where the trail cut into it.  Still producing beautiful greenery from some of its branches, it didn't need a solid foundation to thrive.  


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