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Jennette Brown




Sugarpoultry's Character Design

I may be boring, but I just love fantasy elves and archers. Being an archer myself, I can connect with that in some way. How I feel when I pull back the string, I'm pulled into this fantasy world I wish were real, course, in reality its in my backyard and I'm wearing a hoody. XD


STEP 1 (Creating Thumbnails):

I threw in a few non-archer, sorcerer things as well. Just whatever came to my mind. It's cool how one sketch brings a bunch of new ideas, but towards the end my creative juice was gone. 

I've never done the sillouette/thumbnail method before. Usually I just do line sketches, but I find this a little easlier then having to worry about details. :)

STEP 2 (Refining):

So here is my 3 I've chosen. Many who have kindly commented agreed with me, that these are my favorites. I found this part to be the easiest and by far the most rewarding. I'm not as happy with the outfit in the first one, but the pose is something I still like. I can always change it, of course. ;)

Let me know what you think!

STEP 3 (Variation):

I chose the 3rd of the last pose to do my variations with. I was already content with how it was, but I'm glad I expanded. Helps a ton to put a simple face on her, too.

After two variations, my  mind literally went blank, so I took Charlie's advice by copying and pasting parts of the previous 3 I liked the most to put into my final character design.

I'm definitely LOVING my progress so far. 

Update: 7/21/14

Wow I feel bad for waiting this long to finish, but taking that long of a break in between really makes you rethink your work. This is the face I have so far, but I'm thinking of changing the hair completely. 


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