SugarPants is a brand that was started a few years ago, we've been slowly buidling the business, but have not yet reached our stride (due to bootstrapping, and manufacturing challenges) - so I feel like we're still considered a startup. I joined this class just as we are doing some changing in our strategy.. we plan to relaunch soon with a higher quality fabric, our price points will be increasing, thus a new fresh, more chic looking website, etc.

In summary, SugarPants are Underoos for grown ups. The tuxedo shirt concept for underwear. We make fun, comfortable underwear and loungewear that use a trompe l'oeil concept: all the designs are printed. Typically binding, high end lingerie designs are instead printed on comfortable styles. Fun, empowering character outfits can be worn everyday, underneath it all. Below is my first stab at the Lean Canvas... appreciate your feedback!




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