Sugar Skull First ink Project | Skillshare Projects

Roxy Arana

Mostly self taught weekend artist.



Sugar Skull First ink Project

I am loving the class. I work 8-5 and have mommy dutties after so the weekend is the only time I get to do art. There were some good tips in the videos I've watched. I have not been careful with my paintbrushes for sure and I had no idea how to trace a sketch onto a thicker paper..I used the window as suggested! My ink is really watery ( I bought it at Michael's not a professional art store) so I'll probably buy some better materials when I get a chance.

I definitly want to work on my line quality, especially on the longer strokes. I shold have chosen a more 3-d or realistic looking flower design. This piece reminds me  of the kinds of things I would sketch in the 90's ha! anyway having fun. 


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