Sugar Rush Studio

Sugar Rush Studio - student project


Hey everyone!

For this course, I'll be working on creating a label for my graphic design studio, Sugar Rush Studio. 

I'm currently a full-time freelance designer working in Portland, Oregon who specializes in branding and identity. A lot of my work is informed by vibrant colors, energetic persona, with a handstamp made with love.  I would like to create a label that embodies that to help set the foundation for possible products I'd like to make, or at least to make a cool stamp to start off with. 

For my design studio, I'm inspired by lots of mid-century Parisian/Italian illustration and typography. What I love is the playful use of color to show contrast between vibrant and darkness, the personality behind different types of strokes, and the organized chaos we see composed in the final pieces. I want to communicate that my studio is is friendly, smart, and ain't afraid to sweat without compromising serious fun.

Any feedback or links to other things like what you see on my moodboard would be greatly appreciated! 

"I usually don't fuck around, but when I do, I don't fuck around." 

Sugar Rush Studio - image 1 - student projectSugar Rush Studio - image 2 - student project