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Sugar Cream Pie

Sugar Cream Pie


I chose to make a Sugar Cream Pie from scratch. I made this pie because it's one of my favorites and also because it's the state pie of Indiana, where I live. The recipe I followed is for a 9 inch crust and my pan was 10 inches, so it didn't fill up the crust as much as it should have, but with a delicious crust, I don't really mind. I forgot to take photos of the work in progress, but I took lots of photos after! My kitchen is literally the worst for photos, so I usually don't even think about work in progress shots!! 






I crimped the crust the way my mom likes to crimp her crusts and used her recipes for both the crust and the filling. I think Sugar Cream pie is pretty easy to make, it's not very fussy --- as long as there are no cracks in your crust for the liquid to leak out!! 


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