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Sugar Coated x Johnny Cupcakes

Hello Dudes & Gals!

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Final Progress

Thank you guys for the feedback and amazing class!

-Fredy Santiago




2. 2-3 Sketches 

The theme that I wanted to go under was "circus", here I did a couple of initial drawings of a couple of characters, one of them a bear and the othe one of a seal. I put them by themselves and with typography tittle. So far its being awesome working on this project. Looking forward to hear your opinion and feedback. Good work everyone.



My name is Fredy Santiago!

I am a designer from Holland, MI. I make my artwork under the name of Sugar Coated. Love street art!  I have been doing tee graphics mainly based in character design that I create. I love cartoons, I admire the bold style of the 90's like dexter's laboratory. Other things that inspire me are vintage Americana cartoons from ads, type. etc.

You can see more of my works here:


I found out about Johnny when I was in High School! The thing that caught my eye was that the artwork is always stunning, bold and fun. Many things that I saw on the brand remind it me of this other thing "street art" I always wanted to do work like that and showcase it on diferent mediums, in this case t-shirts.  Johnny does a great job at paying attention to detail and quality + linking it to things that we love, experience, or just happen to be familiar with (pop culture) and a fine modern americana tasty twist.


My Idea

I would like to execute a design for Johnny Cupcakes, the idea that I would like to play around has to do with the circus. 10-15 years ago, when that internet was'nt that huge. I always went to see the circus performace with my grandparents. I always liked how their gear was used up/ vintage. The colors that the signs and posters always pop at me, I had fun looking at seals, tigers, llamas and other weird looking animals, and of course the performances. I am planning on doing a seal on a stool holding a cupcake on his nose. I will make a fun circus theme tittle "Johnny Cupcakes" Thinking to do this on a dark color shirt, I would like to use primary colors blues, reds, yellows. The end result will be iconic, bold and fun! 


Well I am so excited to start up my concept sketches and get involve with all of you!

excited see what everyone comes up with! Thank you guys, this class is going to rock!



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