Sue Andrus- Andrus Gardens Designs

Sue Andrus- Andrus Gardens Designs - student project

I have continued working to make my current online shops look better with a more cohesive look. I am re-doing front page banners to make them as similar as possible across all venues, which has proven a challenge since every site has different size requirements. I love flowers and gardening, so  my designs are all floral related, and I tend to use my favorite colors, so "my" shades of blues, pinks and purples are most common in my work. I am finding that organizing things into collections and using those to promote might make first impressions of my shops better. Front pages on some sites tend to look jumbled or all items in one design show first, etc.

The next photo is a screenshot of a new collection in my Society6 shop.Sue Andrus- Andrus Gardens Designs - image 1 - student project