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Sudoku App Project

Well, it took me more than a while, more than I've planned I'd be working with this personal project, but I finally reached a satisfatory result I still believe there are some improvements to be made and I like that idea. It's a personal project, so I can return to it as long as I can (and want) to modify it a little. Hope you enjoy it.

The image bellow was made for my behance portfolio, and it brings all the development explanation. You can also check a "working" model here.

Post 1

I enjoy playing Sudoku and when I saw this course proposal I saw the opportunity to rethink my favorite app to play sudoku: sudoku 2 by finger arts (

The game works very well: its fast, it records stats, time, scores and when I play a different sudoku app I miss all of its features.

That said, I believe what it really needs is to rethink its visual design. Although the app gives many 'look' options, none let me pleased.
It needs to be:
- lighter/simpler
- less skeuomorphism

Actually, I believe these characteristics are needed in most of the sudoku apps I've seen when researching for this course. They all sem so heavy looking, as the references I'm posting.

That's it for now. I'll start working on the sketches.


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