"Such a beautiful place it is... to be with friends."

Such a beautiful place it is... to be with friends.

02 DEC 2013 | I had an incredibly productive Thanksgiving break eating and having a Harry Potter movie marathon, which finally inspired me to create a project using one of Dobby's final quotes. Ultimately, I'd love to hand-letter a poster and print, frame, and gift to friends as a Christmas present this year. I'll work on some brainstorming tonight, but just wanted to get the ball rolling and start the project. Super excited!

03 DEC 2013 | Sat down and did a quick brainstorming session to list out all the words I thought of in regards to the quote, and started my Pinterest board [click here!] to compile some visual inspiration. I know I want a design that is happy and serene, but also magical and quirky.


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