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Anya Premilova

Self-Searching Artist, Illustrator



Such a Relief

Hello Adam, 

thank you for the amazing class, I've enjoyed every single minute of listening to you and doing the exercises!

After sealing and signing the envelope I feel very light hearted and inspired, it was such a relief to tear the paper and my hand got really tired of scribbling.

I think everyone should do the exercises, they have some really therapeutic effects!

I have no problem sharing the results.
The money is Russian 50 Roubles (about 1,5 Dollars), man, that was hard :) 
The memento thing is the boarding pass to a ferry from our first family trip with kids, I couldn't throw it away and saved it.



The envelope sealed and signed. 

Feel great! Thank you, Adam! May sound weird but you are like my best friend right now after watching the class! :)


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