Succulents | Skillshare Projects

Lotta Lorier

foodie, nature lover and surface pattern designer




I wanted to do something with succulents, just because I love them. Here are some of the pictures that inspired me.. 


My initial color scheme was based on these pictures..


After making my inspiration board and color scheme, I made a lot of pictures of succulents, I drew them, scanned them, used the smooth tool a lot but did not like the outcome. I had a lot of trouble applying textures, I would like to create textures that look like the life trace tool: so if anyone has a solution to that, please let me know! 

I ended up using only my life traced pictures for my pattern and made a new color scheme to match those.


My first pattern..


and some color variations..



I will start a new project to also use my drawings and to practice making more complex patterns. I have learned a lot already about Illustrator, since this was the first time I used this program and about designing patterns. Thanks a lot Bonnie!


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