Succulent - student project

I enjoyed doing this project. I had recently purchased some sennelier colours from an artist and hence had all the colours mentioned except Perylene Green.That helped me in doing all the shades of green and at the same time enjoy all the colours I recently got. 

I have already tried doing succulent on my own. This lesson helped me to move forward in understanding the importance of adding values of the same shade and how it pushes the image forward in the eyes of the viewer. I had some issues in not having enough water in the left side leaves and hence you can see the dry strokes, which I corrected in the other leaves. I was surprised that I made this succulent at the end . but with a teacher like Louise, you should be doing this. better than this.

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Please checkout my other projects , I have by now taken quite a few watercolour projects. Thanks .


Succulent - image 1 - student project


Succulent - image 2 - student project