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Succulent Illustration

I'm excited to take this class! I've been obsessively pinning patterns to a Pinterest board for quite awhile now and have always wanted to try and make my own; was really excited to see this new class pop up in my email and signed up right away.

For my pattern theme I chose to focus on succulents. They are plentiful in my little garden and there are so many different types with fun shapes and elements to them. Some of the succulents I've seen seem so unreal to me - like a plant you'd see in a Dr. Suess illustration - so I wanted to focus on illustrating them into a pattern.

So far I've got the mood board together and am excited to start sketching little succulents next!

Update October 19 

Practiced drawing a few of the different succulents in a variety of pots. Really want to get a good mix of the different types of plants and the different patterns and shapes of the pots themselves, too. Working on digitatizing a few of these and continuing to draw a few other examples.

Trying out a few coloring styles to figure out which I want to apply to all of my elements. Leaning towards the last one where the plant is colored and the planter is outlined. Also like the 2nd option where the full plant and planter combo are colored with heavy contrast. Any thoughts?

Update October 28

It's crunch time! I've been trying to divide my time between getting my Halloween costume finalized and practicing more sketching. There are just so many types of succulents; I really wanted an opportunity to sketch more of the types so I can really pick out my favorites. Here's a little board I made of the different ones I tried recently. Going to work tonight I digitizing more of them then start on my arrangement. I'm actually a little nervous about the arrangement since all the elements are focus-drawers. Might need to think of some embellishments to break them up.


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