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Laura J.

Freelance Illustrator



Succulent Cards

I love plants and all their weird shapes and colors. I sketch them a lot, so I know their forms well. Here is a sketch of some plant shapes that I did in white ink on black paper.


For my first simple little pattern I used some funky plant shapes from my garden full of succulents, drawn from memory. I drew directly in Illustrator using the blob brush, since they're so simple. In future I plan to use doodles from my ipad for pattern design. My colors came from my existing saved color groups, which came mostly from photos put through Adobe Color app on my phone or ipad.


It was so easy to set up the pattern the way Shelley showed us, and so much fun to play with the color palettes. I could see myself spending waaaay too much time fiddling with colors so I just did a few...

First I wanted to try a colored background, something that wasn't covered in the class. It worked fine, except there's a thin vertical line on it, I must have screwed up the stroke or something.





Well, that was fun and easy, planning to experiment more and get better at it!


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