Vladimir Raykov

Marketing and Sales Manager



Success: How To Set & Achieve Your Most Meaningful Goals


Enroll here: http://skl.sh/1jYU9ta

Did you know that only 3% of people set and write their goals and make plans to accomplish them?

Did you know that these 3% of people are approximately 10 times more successful than the other 97%?

If you are in the top 3%, maybe you don't need this course...


If you are in the 97%, I'm going to ask you to come on a journey where the final destination is your most sincere and meaningful goals and dreams.

In this 13-minute course, you are about to put your hands on life-changing information that is not taught at schools and universities. These words come from a person (myself) who has been studying in one of the most prestigious business schools in the world - Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

I personally don't know why schools don't teach us how to set goals and become better off. It's not a top secret but nobody talks about it.

This information is so simple and powerful at the same time that it turned my life around in a positive way.

I believe you deserve to know these principles and methods of setting and achieving goals!

Watch the introduction lecture where I show you proof my achievements.

To your success,

-Vladimir Raykov

Enroll here: http://skl.sh/1jYU9ta



Your assignment for this class is to write down your specific, clear and meaningful goals down on a piece of paper. This exercise is extremely powerful so, please, do not make a mistake underestimating it!

You will have to write at least 3 goals of yours. They can be both long and short run goals.


You will have to take a picture with your smart phone and upload your project to the project gallery.


Please, download the attached files as they will help you stay focused and will provide you with a real-life, personal example!

REAL-LIFE EXAMPLE (Excuse my handwriting)



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