Subway, Flowers, Beach | Skillshare Projects

Anthony Guarraci

Graphic Designer



Subway, Flowers, Beach

Architecture - Love the empty space and side columns in this subway photo.

Architecture - Final image made using PS Touch, SKRWT, LensLight, and VSCOcam

Still Life - Buying Flowers!

Still Life - Really bright flowers. Combined two small bouquets.

Still Life - Final image made using PS Touch and VSCOcam

Big Sky - Originial Beach photo taken in Santa Monica from the ferris wheel. One of my favorites as is, but was excitied to see how ominous clouds would work with the nice beach scene.

Big Sky - Original Clouds photo taken as a storm was approaching.

Big Sky - Combining and manipulating the two images using PS Touch and VSCO Cam.

Thanks for viewing my work! First time using these apps, looking forward to doing more.


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