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Suburban Greenery

Hi everyone, I've been loving Bonnie's classes and I've been so inspired by all of the class projects.  Wow!  So I decided to join the latest challenge...thank you Bonnie!  It was nice motivation to put a pattern together, which I've been working on for awhile.  I call this Suburban Greenery.  Since it's summer here in the Pacific NW, I started to think back about my childhood memories and how I so enjoyed going around my neighborhood and picking the flowers, lying in the grass under the sprinkler and listen to the buzz of bees and woosh of the wind. Sunny days, dreamy days.  


I sketched some motifs and then traced in black ink with a light box, and then scanned in the images.  I used the Image Trace feature and my wacom tablet to create the vector motifs.  


Here is the original pattern I created.  The green turned out a little too bright though.  





So then i tried to recolor it...still working on that :)


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