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About Suavé Threads

Throughout the years, I have realized the only thing that matters is doing something I love. I discovered what I love to do by my weakness. I struggle with A.D.D and A.D.H.D; realizing the effect this had on my school work, I began to teach myself how to write. I was never able to hold a pencil the correct way, causing my penmanship to be illegible. But what I did not realize at first was that, this weakness became my gift.

During the duration of high school, I always found myself drawing in my notebook instead of taking notes. Staying focused in a lecture class became an impossible task. My attention always went to drawing so I decided to take up an art class. This class helped improve my drawing skills but, made me question if this was what I really wanted to do. I knew there was more to art than what was presented in front of me. I found myself in a state of frustration.

The buildup of stress compelled me to find an outlet. Lacrosse was the answer to help me escape from the stress of school. I instantly loved lacrosse. Playing gave me a way to prove my athletic ability. My coaches took notice and moved me up to the varsity level in 10th grade. I admired everyone on the varsity team, and I hoped they would accept me. Within the first few practices, they took me in as if I was their little brother. Soon after I received the nickname Nico Suavé. It felt like in the blink of an eye the entire school was referring to me as Suavé.

I began to show my teammates and my friends the graphic murals that took over my notebook. I received positive feedback and was excited to figure out what I could do with my drawings. I had many different ideas but it finally clicked when my teammate’s mother mentioned I should translate my designs onto T shirts. I began to do a lot of research on how to design shirts. My dad found someone that could turn my drawings into graphic designs. Everything was starting to come together. I just needed to find a name for my company. I wanted a name that would stand out and be meaningful. After spending a lot of time thinking about it I came up with Suavé Threads.

As everything was beginning to come together, I was faced with medical issues. I attended lacrosse camp and during camp my lung collapsed. Having a collapsed lung was bittersweet because I was bed ridden but then I was able to completely focus on my designs. This also inspired my company logo, a gas mask. This was the perfect logo to represent my collapse lung, love of graffiti, and street art.

During lunch one day I was telling my friends about my new ideas when one of my teacher’s came by us. We began to talk about lacrosse season and she told me about her son who played for the opposing team. She crossed the line when she said that her son would beat us and I was never one to tolerate trash talking. After hearing enough, I stood up and jiggled her face. I don't know why I did that but despite the fact that I was sent to lunch detention for the rest of the year it turned out to be in my favor. My art teacher pulled some strings and allowed me to stay in his class for detention.

It didn’t take me long to tell my teacher about my dream. After drawing my first design and scanning it; he began to teach me step by step on how to make my drawings come to life. I became obsessed with learning as much as I could. I barely went to any of my other classes. I spent all my time in the computer lab doing work, asking questions and perfecting my designs.

Once I began to understand the concept of how to go about things, I printed my first batch. I was ready to start selling in school. Skeptical on how it was going to turn out, I still was really proud that this was finally happening. It took a week and half to sell out and it was surreal. The feeling of seeing someone wearing my shirt was unbelievable, I just felt butterflies. I became overjoyed when people were eager to know when a new batch would be launched.

Nico Governara - Suave Threads

I still can’t believe my dream is now my reality. I created a legacy in my high school. My shirts are still worn in the hallways. I know I am doing exactly what I should be doing. My clothing line is personal and every design has a specific meaning to me.


Feel Good, Look Good, Play Good.

Nico Governara
Suavé Threads

Photo: My style is about freedom, something different, and something I would want to wear, have you checked us out yet??

Photo: Feel good, Look good, Play good~Suavé Threads

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