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Stylish Craft or Other Stuff Storage Using PVC

When I started collecting alcohol ink markers, I struggled to find storage that would hold them in an orderly way while looking stylish.  I had seen various ideas using cans of varying types as well as PVC pipe.  I decided to step mine up a bit. I and other family members and friends liked my version so much, I have been roped into making more and also wanted to show how I did it.  These things can be customized a zillion ways to suit the space and what you want to store.  This project doesn't require any highly specialized skills unless you count using a saw or hacksaw as highly specialized and you don't have someone else to cut the PVC pipe!  Basic measuring, paper trimming, sanding, decoupage and gluing are skills used to build a stylish and versatile storage unit.

Here's the link to my Course Outline. Feedback welcomed!


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