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Stylish Adventures with AL

Stylish Adventures with AL {}


  • creative outlet to talk about my passions for fashion, food, home decor & travel
  • branch out of shy shell
  • help everyday women with easy fashion tips & advice
  • funny & relatable fashionable/lifestyle advice
  • force myself out of my comfort zone
  • create a friend relationship with readers
  • having a fashionable twist on all posts


  • females with an interest in fashion but not sure how to always bring it together
  • women with time/interest limits that want to learn but with minimal research/effort to do so
  • women who like to mix high & low price points
  • women who appreciate a good deal
  • Women with the age range from: 16+ (who are looking for trends at a reasonable price), to stay at home moms (who want a quick & easy new delicious dinner options), to young career women (who want to look good but don't have to time to read mulitple websites & magazines to find trends & realistic ways to implement them into their lives)

Style of Stylish Adventures with AL:

Humorous - Lame = Interesting

Fashion Fix - Repetitive = Fresh Look

Informative - Boring = Raw Truth

Relatable - Unattainable = Real Life

{Personal} Adventures - Who Care = Creative Writing

My Smart Goal:

Politely reach out to 4 bloggers I admire & ask if they would guest post on my blog, with the goal to increase followers by August 2014.

Brand Statement:

Stylish Adventures with AL is a personal, humor infused, fashionable lifestlye blog focused on providing content about the latest trends to fashion oriented, time constricted women so they are up to date on the latest & the greatest.

Content Pillars:

  • A weekly {stylish} adventure
  • easy recipe
  • Fashion faux of the week


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