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4/3/13 - Interior Before Photos of my 5 Spaces

Unfortunately I didn't watch the Video when I took the before photos, so obviously these are horrible.  I have also resolved to show things as they lay, so yes - my life is a little messy, but I am cool with that.  I want to be able to style my living space for my life, but make it aesthetically pleasing - nice to be here with all of you!

i live in a 1 bedroom loft near downtown Los Angeles.  I have been working at a start up so I haven't had too much time to put into decorating etc...but I have dreams!

1.  Where I would like to put a bookshelf.

2.  My Sofa - Please excuse the mess & massive amounts of pillows

3.  Coffee Table 

4.  Credenza - this is clearly where everything ends up getting dropped off.  I need to find a nice clean solution for all my and my dog's junk.

5.  Bed - I have some serious headboard commitment issues as well as lamp commitment issues.  Clearly, I have no lamp and no headboard.  Hopefully this class will motivate me to get my act together.

4/3/13 - 8 Principles of Interior Styling

8 Prinicples of Styling

1.  Needs - Office Functionality

2.  Shape - The square patterns on the screen vs. the round on the mirrors

3.  Color - White with accents in Coral & Pink Hues

4.  Pattern - In this pic, I see "geometric" as the pattern, from the gilded screen, the pillows, the chevron on the rug and even the slats & triangles on the legs of the desk. 

5.  Texutre - The rug - looks to have two layers, the Chevron & the "fur"

6.  Placement - Symmetry of the mercury glass urns, grouping of books on desk with the round candle

7.  Blog - The golden screen

8.  Botanicals - the flowers on the desk accent and mirror the flowers on the calendar


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