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Christine Martin

Interior Designer



Styling via 8 Principles

Source: Adam Pogue’s Downtown LA home on

The focus of the bedroom certainly lends to some overlapping of principles on certain staged pieces. Sometimes less is more, right?

  • Wall hanging is texture for sure! The shape of it is odd enough to take over in interest.
  • Lighting sconce hangs uniquely but just at the right spot for one who needs to read a chapter before calling it a day. Its shiny finish is the bling that draws some attention. Colorful cord stands out with rich paint background.
  • Small painting has unique placement of close proximity to the floor. That’s ok; it’s at eye level and a lovely image to keep when lights go out.
  • Pillows offer a subtle pattern; dreamy and moody-bedroom perfect.
  • Hanging botanicals add height and natural balance to the space.


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