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Styling the Nanobean Hideout

HOMEWORK 1.1 - Analyze some eye candy!

Hmm... instead of just hitting "Pin" on a pretty picture, I have to actually think about this for a while? Okay then, let's do this!


Presumably, this (extremely well-heeled) family likes to hang around this huge awesome fireplace for long periods of time, not watching TV. I like to think there is no TV in this room. 


All sorts of shapes in this room! Especially organic shapes and curves (French chair, coffee table, lamp, rug). I like that that simple couch offsets all those curves with clean rectilinear lines.


Kind of an interesting, non-traditional palette - white, yellow, dark brown, light green and... sea foam? And a pop of lavender. Mostly very soft and nature-y, except for the bright yellow chair. Now I can't tell if it's actually yellow or chartreuse. But bright yellow and "sea foam" would be the feeling I get after I close my eyes.


Just a touch of pattern in the curtains and pillows. They do seem to use the same palette and the pattern is different enough that they don't compete.


The cow hide rug and ruffly pillows. Also the radiator covers and carved fireplace. And that explosion-looking thing on the coffee table.


I can't tell if the chair arrangement in this room is symmetrical or not, but my guess would be yes. Those pillows are very symmetrical so I'm guessing the layout would also be pretty traditional. Not a whole lot of objects in this room (only one painting) and a few books. 


That chandelier! And the giant gilt mirror. This room is not short on bling.


I kind of cheated on this one. But I think the trees outside count. If you live on a country estate like this, you might as well flaunt it from every angle.

HOMEWORK 1.2 - Before Pics

We've only been in this apartment for 6 months, and things are kind of all over the place. What you'll see is the result of many transitions: from grad school to working life, from Midtown Manhattan to Park Slope, Brooklyn, from not owning a dog to owning one, from not having any money or time to invest in my space to having some, thougn ot a lot... the only thing that's stayed constant is the tiny size of the apartment. My current home weighs in at a svelte 460 sq ft.

The IKEA Coffee Table - a Friendshannukah gift from a friend who was tired of me having a cardboard box for a coffee table in grad school. (The cardboard box was the perfect size!)

The Couch Situation - I like this couch, but white was perhaps not the best choice for owning a dog. So far so good, though. His legs are too short to get him up that high.

The Elfa Shelves - These are in the hallway when you come in. I put all my art supplies in little boxes on there. Underneath is a desk.

The Other Shelf - Not sure if I'm going to style this one or the Elfa shelves. Either of them could be on its way out the window... I'm not a big fan of this one because it's quite wobbly and poorly constructed. The dog is oblivious to the amount of danger he is in right now.

The bed - The duvet cover was one of my first splurges - the Marimekko from Crate & Barrel. Whatever styling i do, I have to do around it because it is not going anywhere. :)

I don't have a console - so here is a dresser top instead.


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