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Styling projects

Project 1 Analysis


-wedding breakfast
-Menu would consist of a 3 course meal

Color Story

-Dominant colors: White and brown
-Uses analogous colour scheme that ties in with the plant life in the
background and the orange hue created by the morning sun. Very natural
look and feel.
-Has a few splashes of complimentary color in the form of blue.
- The colorful floral arrangement next to the neutral colors draws and
emphasis to it making it stand out quiet nicely.


-The tall florals and arrangements of shapes below create a well balanced symmetrical setting. Completing the triangle.

-The Florals are the focal point of this setting standing out with its
colorful and natural arrangment.


-The botanicals work here to enhance the experience of eating outdoors
matching the environment surrounding them.


-The place cards wrapped in cloth and the little brown boxes adds a
great piece of personalization.


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