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Styling my home: I write about it, my home should look like it!

I'm a freelance writer and blogger (check out!) and am starting to get into some photography. You can often find me writing about fabulous design spaces, but there is only one room in my home that actually looks like I've learned anything from the years I've spent covering such topics (my living room, which my husband has dubbed "Mommy's leave-me-the-hell-alone-so-I-can-read-my-newspaper room"). Taking this class serves two purposes for me-- polishing up my kid-ravaged house and adding to my photography skills. We enjoy entertaining, and I have a group of friends who like to gather around my home office when happy hour descends. The photography... well, I haven't quite decided where that will go, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey and am ready to add the skills offered here to my bag of tricks. It will be helpful for blogging and, if I become good at it, for work with smaller publications.

I love Bibi Monnahan's work, and this home office sets an interchangeable mood to me. It can be serious and set a tone for focus, but one can also imagine swilling back a cocktail at the end of the day here. It may be lacking a little in patterns... I would add a bit more, but I like this, overall.

The areas I'm concentrating on are:

  • My home office: I spend a lot of time in there during the day and love the space. While the bookshelves aren't quite full I would like to see them styled properly!
  • Master bedroom walls, bed, and night tables: I have 6-year-old and 2-year-old boys. My bedroom is usually the last room that I think about.
  • Kitchen shelving: RIght now I just have cookbooks crammed everywhere (and this isn't nearly all of them). There are miscellaneous photos and mask thrown in there, as well. They need editing. Badly.
  • Dining Room Built Ins: I love the built ins in our dining room. I just don't know what to do with them.
  • Dining room buffet: It has too many old and dated patterns going on there.


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