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Styling my Bed


Last restyling of the course. It was a great pleasure to take it, it was fun and I met lovely and talented people here. And what to say about our teacher? She put all this together and made it works so thanks so much, it's been incredibly inspiring!!

So here is my bed. I didn't want to change a lot since I loved the space the way it was but then I found those amazing 60s Swedish cushions and I couldn't help but buy them! Maybe I'll use them on the sofa, they look great there but for now I have them on my bed for this project. They give color and pattern. The small one adds texture. I prefer to see the back of the books here not to add more color to the space and also because I love seeing them in a different way.

I let you with the pictures and please any feedback you have I'd love to hear it.



I'm not completely sure about the blanket as it's nothing interesnting... What do you think? With or without?


Finally!! It took me ages to restyle the bookcase... firstly because it is huge and also because we have millions books so it was crazy difficult to organize them by color and obviously it wasn't enough space for all of them...

I decided to fill the "window" with hanging plants. It gives privacy to the bedroom and as well as being a surprising touch it's also the botanical element!! Now I need to get some more convenient pots.

Hope you like it and please any feedback to make it better is more than welcome!!






We have future plans for this table but in the meantime I have to use it as it is, and let's be honest: is too serious. So I wanted to bright it up a bit. I had this head from my visual merchandiser job so I added a moustache to make it funnier, and a golden spray transformed a dull white doll! I didn't have any colorful pot for my plant so I used this bag that I usually have in my bathroom with all my stuff. I like how it looks!

I enjoy seeing myself looking around with completely different eyes. I'm becoming a more creative person and I love it!!

1. & 2.

My first "after"!! It's being very fun so far... I went shopping to get some things that I needed, as I said I just moved in to this new house so there are million things missing. I don't have a lot of money so I just could get small things and some flowers. Step by step. Of course I'd love to have amazing kilims to mix but that will have to wait :(


AFTER we go! The coffee table has a tricky shape and I tried to place the objects more lineal at first but it didn't work so I rearrange everything in a more relax way (placement). I have books (needs), shape (I love that leaf- shaped tray that I got in Zara Home), color, botanical (thistel and 3 cactus that I placed in a small bowl that I also got in Zara Home). At first I thought it would be too much botanical for a not too big table but i think it doesn't feel that way, what do you think? I also got texture with the tray and the bowl and with the cactus and thistel + cute vase (see detail photos above), I was worried about getting pattern but I added it with those amazing pencils that I got in a book Launch in Anthropologie last year which also achieve my needs (I love underlining books as I read them). And lastly a touch of bling! This bottle-opener was one of the first thing that I bought when I moved to London and started to work in Anthropologie.

I like having tea in my sofa so I added a cup + plate + beautiful teaspoon (hey, you also add bling little girl!!) + cookie (some of my friends call me Cookie Monster ;)). I took off my favourite boots that are now under the table to feel my hairy rug LOL

And now the sofa:

You'll notice that I changed the layout but as I don't have a lot of frames the wal was going to look too empty.

I'm really having problems to get cool cushions in Spain so I think online shops will be the solution. In the meantime I used what I have plus some tricks: the colorful cushion is a plain off white cushion wrapped with a blanket. And the throw is a huge and very cool scarf that I got in Urban Outfitters. I also added more plants!

I love reading your comments, they are so inspiring and encouraging. So keep going please!!


                                            Stylist: Saša Antić Photographer: Patric Johansson

Hi everybody from Spain!! My name is Maria Jose and I'm an Interior Designer (or trying it at least :)) I've been living in London for 2 years and a half and I moved back recently (not even 3 months) to Spain.

You can find me in Pinterest  and I also have a blog. In case you want to have a look you're more than welcome!!

Ok, so this is my choice! I've seen this photo million times but I still love every part of it. I think it shows clearly the 8 Principles that we have studied.

NEEDS: All those books need a place!!

SHAPE: The round mirror in contrast with the books, frames and bench create a nice balance.

COLOR: Natural palette with slight touches of yellow, orange/redish.

PATTERN: A nice and geometrical mix of patterns on cushions and rug.

TEXTURE: Cushions and the cozy rug add the needed texture to contrast with the wood (bench) and the wire (¿litter bin?).

PLACEMENT: Art and books creating small displays that work perefectly together.

BLING: Metallic finish for the mirror and that amazing lamp.

BOTANICAL: Small touch but necessary!


And now the "before" photos. I'll start by saying that we moved into this rented house less than 3 months ago so almost everything needs to be done (we are buying furniture when we have some cash). It is a lovely big house with tons of natural light and high ceilings with exposed wood beams. Quite open space with walls but no doors.

Although I have a lot of ideas I am completely lost when speaking about color palette :( All the walls are white but the floors are blue (not the nicest choice to tell the truth).

I do love the couch and the armchairs but definitely this space needs color and texture everywhere!! Also the cushions which I bought separetely doesn't work together at all xD

This is the only space I've tried to do something with. I'm planning to paint that table in another color (too much brown!!) but again I'm stuck with the color palette!! Also it needs a rearrangement.

This is the amazing bookcase that I'm in love with!! It surrounds the bedroom giving privacy but letting the light in. I wasn't sure about what to do with that big "window" but finally I came up with an idea that involves plants. On the other hand it needs a real styling...

And this is the bedroom. I love this space. It is tiny but it only has 2 walls so it doesn't feel that small. It is cozy, warm and neat (on the wall Dymo tape with one extract of a Leopoldo María Panero's poem and another one from Mrs Dalloway by Virgnia Woolf + photo). I would love to add one nightstand on the left side but I'm confused about what to place  there with that amazing bookcase behind. I think it needs more texture also maybe with cushions? 

Any comments/ideas??


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