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Styling Mission Complete!

Hi there! I'm Ruth, an editorial intern on a magazine, and blogger. My blog, The Planned Adventure ( is rather fledgling, but I'm really enjoying getting into it - although I think I need to tighten my focus a little! And if you fancy connecting online I'm also on insta, twitter and pinterest: @ruthlgarner.


Finished project!

So I've finally caught up with my projects :) It's been hard work, but SO fun! Thanks so much, Justina! 

Here are my before & after photos:

Sofa - wide shot before:

Sofa - wide shot after: I'm loving the yellow! Can't wait to have our lovely charcoal sofas in later this year :) But overall I'm really happy with the newly styled sofa/bookcase. The light is a bit crazy in these photos, the sun was poring in making my job as photographer a little tough ;) My much loved papercut will be going up on the wall just as soon as I find some nails!

Sofa front view:

Bookcase 1 before:

Bookcase 1 After: I thinned out the books, colour coded them and added some botanicals!

Bookcase 2 Before: 

Bookcase 2 after: I'm really chuffed with this :) The yellow of the cloud and on the botanical on top lift it a lot! The fairy lights in a vase look a bit messy, but they look so cute when lit :) I love having my thank you jar more prominent too. 

Bed before - very plain!

Bed / nightstand after: I love grey, and so I brought this in a little more. I also bought this pretty cushion which seemed to tie it all together! My nightstand is now more cheerful, with some favourite books, my bible, a homemade rabbit, some botanicals and bling! I also added some fabric tape to the front of the stand to add a bit of texture and interest.

This is the drawers next to my nightstand which I styled really simply with my fave magazine, some succulents and a bird!

Dressing table / console before:

Dressing table after: I switched up the arrangement, added an inspirational mood wall, as it's my space in the house and lots of bling and botanicals. I just love it now!

A few close ups / vignettes:

Phew - it's like living in a new home! Haha, not bad for a magnolia rental full of ikea furniture! Would love to hear what you think! Ruth x


Inspiration Photo - Principles at Work:

1. Needs: Angle poise lamp - ideal for reading, comfy sofa and a coffee table. Everything you need for the ideal living room.

2. Shape: The blend of shapes is spot on here. The angular frames offset against the rounded sofa, the variety of shaped vases against the circular table. Perfect!

3. Colour: The colour palette is fresh and simple, and carries throughout the whole space. 

4. Pattern: A mix of patterns (on the curtains, rug, cushions) work well together creating a modern, fresh, clean space. 

5. Texture: The blaknet/throw on the other sofa adds softness to the room, making it all the more inviting.

6. Placement: The power of three on the coffee table looks brilliant, and again on the sofa.

7. Bling: Not so much bling here, but those teal vases have a pretty hi shine to them and add a real eye catching element.

8. Botanicals: Lovely fresh flowers complete the room.


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