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Styling Example

I love things to be light, bright, and white!  The problem with this as my ideal, is that things sometimes tend to be overly plain or, well...white.  This room by Cross Design is a great example of those things while still being visually interesting and well styled:

Styling Example

This room has the eight elements of interior styling:

Needs - A place to sleep.  A way to wake-up.  A place to read.  Additional Storage.

Shape - This room blances the round, swirly pattern on the wallpaper and nightstand doors with the square shape found in the pictures frames, shape of nightstand, and clock.  The headboard also offers a nice blend with the overall square shape being balanced by the softened lines of the tufting.  This room feels balanced.

Color - The palatte for this room is white, gray, light pink, and soft gold.  This palatte feels soft, comfy, and inviting.

Pattern - This room is full of patterns - gray diamond sheets, gold floral wallpaper, gold & gray artwork, and the white crisscross pattern on the nightstand! All of the patterns work well together because they tie into the color scheme and are all smaller patterns that do not  compete for attention.  The room also has several solid pieces - the pink pillowcase, white sheets, white lamp, white clock, white headboard - that balance out the patterns and keep the room feeling calm.

Texture - The textures in this room are very subtle, but add a stylized vibe to the room.  The gray and white sham has a textured ruffle, the headboard is tufted, and the mercury glass has dots.

Placement - The room feels organized and collected.  The pictures are grouped together and aligned nicely.  The three pillows are all kept together and stacked.  Any like items seem to be grouped together into collections.  The power of three rule is also used with only three items being placed on the nightstand and three pillows on the bed.

Bling - The mercury glass vase adds a nice touch of bling to the space without overwhelming it.

Botanicals - The floral arrangement on the nightstand pulls the color palatte together and brings life to the room.


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