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I know this isn't exactly an interior, but some people do live on boats, I know someday I would love to! :)
I just recently moved to the beach so this picture inspires me. It evokes a laid back, cozy, feeling which i hope to recreate in my own space. 

8 Fundamentals of Style 

Needs- Seating and Eating. Lounging and Sunbathing. The pillows and make shift table provide for these needs

Shape-  Lots going on in this image. The square pillows, the round table and fruits, and the straight lines of the boat. 

Placement- the pillows seem to all be placed around the table, it doesn't look too clutter because there's still room to walk on the sides. 

Color- Blues, stick with me along with the pinks and purples. 

Pattern- I love the classic paisley pillows and the squares patterns, because of their similar color they all go together. 

Texture- Aside from the ocean waves, which is a texture in and of itself, the pillows have  certain textures, that on top of the wood, all just flows together. 

Bling- The Bling comes from the boat itself, it's metal railings. 

Botanicals- I love even though we're out at sea in this picture there are still beautiful flowers aboard


Welcome to My Space! Like I said I just moved to a tiny apartment by the beach. My hope is to cheer up my bare walls, add some character and color to my existing spaces and definitely add more greenery (plants), my favorite. 

Here are my before shots:

I love my gray couch, but it could use some color. I am not crazy about this carpet or table, but they came as a set. I feel like I have a clash of style going on between them and my red locker TV stand(see below). I would like to figure out how to tie it all together. 

This is my coffee table, which we work from and eat from occasionally. And have to windex constantly.


Would like to do something with the wall above our dining table. I don't just want to stick a mirror up there. I love when I see walls that have a lot of frames, I just don't want it to look too cluttered. 

Our built in cabinets could use a little more color or function.

Bedroom Before. Not sure what else I can do to spruce it up. There is a bare wall facing the bed that could use some shelving or a desk. 

Our bookshelf we made out of old wine boxes. 

Looking forward to learning how to make my space look like a pro's. :) 


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