Style hunt

In your introduction to this class, I felt like you were in my brain talking about impostor syndrome and taking single elements and technique prep to something more cohesive and finding my own style as that what has been on my mind the last little while.Style hunt - image 1 - student project

My first step was going through my pinterest boards (mainly my art board) but also clothes and house stuff and other cool things and trying to pick out a reasonable number of images of stuff I love. From this overview my first takeaways were I like colour, blues and greens with pink are my jam, I like florals and botanicals, I like critters and I like a bit of whimsy. While I adore realism and am filled with admiration for those who do it, I think I'm more drawn to more illustrative/quirky/looser styles. I generally like art that either makes me smile or feels peaceful to me. Usually if art is more dramatic/dark, I want there to be a whimsical/fairy tale/ficitonal feel to the darkness. The board is here if anyone wants a closer look So I thought I would look at colour, line and texture for my three elements to start with.


Style hunt - image 2 - student project

These are a selection of the images from the big shot and I've tried to choose some colour palettes that are diverse (it would be easy to pick a lot of similar ones). I think I like fairly harmonious colour palettes though I'm not afraid of a pop of strong colour amongst more balance or muted colours or even a palette of strong colours. My love for aqua/blue/green/pink is a definite thing. I also really love the use of colour to suggest light though I don't think it's something I'm good at. I tend to spend a lot of time looking at how painters capture light on fabric and people when I go to galleries, which is why I love the portrait I've included.


Style hunt - image 3 - student project

I think I like fairly delicate line work that gives a sense of movement to the image. I do like ink and wash but don't need it to be an obsessively precise detailed outline. It can just add detail and character if using a separate line. I like images that feel balanced but don't necessarily need symmetry. And I like both light and airy images with a fair bit of white space and full colour images ranging to quite dark backgrounds (not very useful in pinning down a style). I like colour line work within images to provide detail and texture even when there isn't any distinct black outline/line work.


Style hunt - image 4 - student project

I like a lot of texture. When I first started getting back into art as an adult, it was because I love the look of the layers in loose watercolours so much. I like layering and some scratchiness and images that look a bit lived in and not too pristinely perfect. I like generally like loose watercolour, blurry lines (or colour that goes over the lines), softer shapes, transparency, layering of colours to give movement and form and depth. And light as texture.  And line work to suggest texture. I've just started playing with Procreate and am definitely drawn to scratchy brushes etc to give texture to what I'm doing. And I find with digital art I like flatter colour with texture over the top rather than the transparency I love in watercolour which is what I mostly use in analogue art with a teeny bit of gouache and pencils/watercolour pencils. Thank you for the class, not sure yet what all this means for what I try next but at least I have some landmarks to think about!