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Style Showdown is a new marketing campaign specifically tailored for Karmaloop with goals to increase social media engagement, brand awareness, revenue, and to create original content for Karmaloop TV.

The campaign consists of a style contest where users share their individual style on Instagram using apparel, accessories, and footwear found on Karmaloop and affiliated sites. Contestants will hashtag their pictures with #StyleShowdown and tag Karmaloop with @Karmaloop. The top five contestants receiving the highest number of likes on Instagram will be awarded $1000 store credit for Karmaloop’s e-commerce store and a free trip to Boston and compete against popular artists, such as ASAP Rocky and the ASAP Mob, in the wacky new show, Style Showdown. Here contestants flex their style and taste in fashion against the fashion forward artists. The show will be streamed live on Livestream and viewers will vote who they think is more stylish!

Style Showdown Overview

The purpose of the new Style Showdown show is to create an incentive for fans to participate in the Instagram contest while creating new media content to encourage users to view Karmaloop’s live stream and Karmaloop TV. Because the show will feature ASAP Rocky and will be promoted through thousands of Instagram submissions, thousands of viewers are expected to tune in for the live stream and watch the compiled highlights video which will be posted on Karmaloop TV.

Style Showdown Show Description

  • Two hour live streamed show featuring 5 contestants, ASAP Rocky and the ASAP Mob hosted by Karmaloop’s CEO Greg Selkoe

  • The show will have a wacky fun vibe, packed with beautiful girls twerking, a DJ, and random crazy props such as a man in a giant pink panda suit

  • Possible game ideas

    • Contestants and ASAP Rocky have two minutes to scavenge through a pile of Karmaloop clothing and dress themselves, and viewers vote who is more stylish

    • Contestants and ASAP Mob dress themselves blindfolded

    • Contestants and ASAP mob dress and style beautiful girls

  • ASAP Rocky and the ASAP Mob perform a live set at the end of show

Timeline, Budget, & Staff Required

Marketing Strategy

Target Demographic. The Style Showdown contest and live stream show targets Karmaloop’s current demographic: males and females ages 15 to 34 with a majority of the customers aged 18 to 24. Additionally, the marketing campaign targets ASAP Rocky’s fan base as well. This demographic is referred to as verge culture: highly active on the internet and social media platforms, heavily influenced by hip hop and urban youth culture, and fashion forward.

Contest Announcement Strategy. Karmaloop will promote the Style Showdown contest on multiple media platforms such as Karmaloop’s Facebook page, Guru by Karmaloop, World Star Hip Hop, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, independent fashion blogs, and affiliated industry influencers’ media platforms such as Frank the Butcher, Greg Selkoe, and Jeff Staple.

Karmaloop will create a static flyer and contest video, featuring ASAP Rocky, with instructions on how to enter the Karmaloop Style Showdown competition via Instagram and will distribute this information on its social media platforms and affiliated influencers’ social media accounts. Incentives to attract all levels of fans include $1000 store credit on Karmaloops e-commerce store and the opportunity to fly to New York to participate in the new Style Showdown show.

Instagram. Initially, dedicated fans of Karmaloop and ASAP Rocky will be the first to post their submission images via Instagram using the hashtag #StyleShowdown and tag @Karmaloop. The initial group of submissions will encourage their friends to like their photo to increase their chances of winning the contest. As more dedicated fans submit their images, a trickle down effect will occur where casual and new potential fans will be exposed to the contest and are encouraged to post submissions as well.

Although only the top five contestants will win, overall brand awareness of Karmaloop and ASAP Rocky/Mob will increase, which results in more apparel sales. Additionally, because this contest is a collaboration between Karmaloop and ASAP Rocky and the ASAP Mob, the two entities will cross expose their fan base as a dual branding initiative. The effectiveness of the contest can be measured by the number of contestant entries, number of views on the live stream and Karmaloop TV, and number of purchases completed using a specific promo code.

Business Model

Revenue Distribution. Because the Style Showdown campaign requires a partnership between Karmaloop and ASAP Rocky and the ASAP mob, 30% of proceeds generated from the campaign will be distributed to ASAP Rocky and the ASAP Mob, while Karmaloop will receive 70% of the proceeds. Asap Rocky and the ASAP Mob will be paid on a commission basis and will not receive a base payment.

Instagram Revenue Opportunities. During the announcement of the competition, a 30% off Karmaloop coupon code will be given to encourage contestants and friends of contestants to purchase new Karmaloop gear to look their best in their Instagram submission. The effectiveness of sales conversions can be tracked using that specific code. Additionally, sudden spikes in sales during the contest duration will also measure the effectiveness of the contest.

Style Showdown Revenue Opportunities. Karmaloop coupon codes will be distributed throughout the live stream of the Style Showdown Show to encourage viewers to purchase product. Additionally, brand such as Diamond Supply Co. can partner with Karmaloop to feature some of its product on the live stream in an organic manner. This is highly lucrative as the demographic of the viewers are highly interested in streetwear brands. ASAP Rocky may even wear their clothing as an added bonus.

 Future Opportunities

If the response to Style Showdown is successful, it may transition into a frequently updated web series featuring other artists such as Mac Miller, Schoolboy Q, and Wiz Khalifa.


By partnering with hip hop artists such as ASAP Rocky and the ASAP Mob for the Style Showdown campaign, Karmaloop will increase its brand awareness and sales while creating refreshing new content. Because the incentives to participate in this campaign are very desirable, user engagement with Karmaloop on Instagram will skyrocket and convert to an increase in overall sales. This creative campaign will definitely make some noise in the streetwear industry and will help Karmaloop keep its place as the #1 online streetwear retailer in the world.

Written by Patrick Dang & Alli Nakamura

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