Style Hindsight

Style Hindsight - student project


Found all of these in my Illustration and color boards on Pinterest! Love that pins saved from long ago held gems of my future style! I chose to focus on 3 elements: shape, line, and color:

Style Hindsight - image 1 - student project


It appears the more minimal the better when it comes to my shape preferences. I also noticed I tend to fall in a middle area of liking shapes to be simplified, but no so simplified it’s geometric. I like when a flat shape cookie cuts out texture and value play. The image in the bottom right is a great example of how I love the shapes to play with the space, and fit together like a magic puzzle. Looking at these I can see a connection between my love of block printing and the shapes I gravitate towards in artwork. I’m all for implied lines, but not ambiguous or blurry ones! Save for in watercolor painting, in which case I do enjoy the play between clean shape and bleeding shape.

Style Hindsight - image 2 - student project


Line is probably the element I’m most particular about. Not that there’s set rules I follow or anything, but I definitely see a trade off between color and line, and when they do combine, each one only pulls the weight it needs too, there isn’t really any excess. The lines that are there are there for a specific purpose. As far as line quality I love energetic and imperfect lines, skilly, often black and inky. On the extreme side I love lines to drive home texture, but again, when so many lines are in play there will probably be less color, to satisfy whatever internal balance I feel.

Style Hindsight - image 3 - student project


Give me bold, give me clashing, give me yellow, give me retro, give me a neutral to tie it together, give me weird, give me primaries, give me warm colors with a hit of blue. Give my big flat inky areas of rich color.


 I loved taking a closer look at my own boards. Next I'm going to look at the physical things in my life I've collected! Stay tuned for the next update, and some experimenting of my own!

Dylan Mierzwinski
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