Style Exploration

Style Exploration - student project

1. Tombow calligraphy pen first, mixing watercolor paint on the palette, blending of wet layers, a few touches of dry into wet paint at the end. Varied line thickness. Ink faded slightly when I erased the pencil lines.

2. Sakura IDenti Pen 1.0 mm first, mixing slightly different colors on the palette, wet into wet. I like this one best overall as I am trying to develop a looser style.

3. Micron Pen 0.35 mm first, blended washes then wet on dry. Somewhat different colors from the first and second version, mostly in the leaves, also mixed on the palette. Next to the other two, the line weight of the pen seems too light.

4. Sketched and colored with watercolor pencil. Added layers of watercolor pencil then blended with water to develop more depth. At the end, I used Speedball white ink to add in some highlights, this ink doesn't seem to be completely opaque so I had to go over it a few times. I like this one the least. The process is not as enjoyable and the image looks too flat.

5. Painted with watercolor directly on the page, no under sketch, hence it looks a bit wonky. Dropped color strait from pans, blending on the paper. No ink. No pre-mixing colors on the palette. I need more practice at this. Quick and fun!

6. Pencil sketch followed by very controlled series of glazes and wet on dry brush strokes. Colors mixed on the palette, different again from the previous. I think this is the closest I have gotten to matching the colors in the photo, but my purple is still not right. My scanner doesn't seem to pick up on purple hues very well.

All watercolor work was done with a number 4 da Vinci sable round brush. 

Reference photo:

Style Exploration - image 1 - student project

Style Exploration - image 2 - student project

Style Exploration - image 3 - student project

I got new artist quality paints for Christmas, so I tried again, still not entirely happy with the result.

Style Exploration - image 4 - student project