Style Exploration!

Style Exploration! - student project

1) How long do you like to take on drawing/how long does it take until you lose interest...

Around 5 hours I think is my max, and that's if i'm being super detailed. I start to lose steam somewhere after that and will have to pick up later. Sometimes I can go longer, if i'm super excited about how a character is developing. My favourite part I think is the line work, but I also really love adding texture. 


2)Name at least 6 of your favourite artists. What does their art have in common?

1. Tim Burton

2. Kate Hindley

3. Twistwood

4. Jeremy Hoffman 

5. Cale Atkinson

6. Malcolm Bird

Observations: Strong line work, water colour, pencil/ink texture, round/simple eyes, exaggerated forms, minimal shading, colour blocking or layering, great shapes, traditional look. Children's book, Character design, comic. Simple with lost of texture. 


3) Which do you enjoy more, line work or colouring your drawings?

Line work, and sometimes some simple colouring. 


4)Do you like to take your time and be precise, or do you prefer to work loosely and messy?

A bit of both? I like to take my time and be precise, but let loose to find cool textures, shapes, and colour combos


5) What have you drawn that you liked? What did you like about it? which drawings...

I really enjoy my character designs, and my character sketches. I'm always drawn more to character, I love thinking about their story: what they like, what they wear, their quirks and feelings. Then I think about their world. I like the simplicity of it , and how fun it can be. I like to make characters that make me laugh. 


6) Do you enjoy Simplicity in design or...

In the design I enjoy simplicity most, but enjoy adding complexity in texture when I'm colouring. 


7) What form of media do you dream of designing for?

Children's books! But I think I'd also be happy writing comics or designing characters. 


Exercise 1: 

For the first exercise I did a google deep dive into some of the work of my favourite artists/illustrators. I took some time to look at their style, and try to pick out what was unique or fun about their style. It was a cool, because In the process I was finding things that I either liked and added to my illustration tool box OR saw in my own work. to finish this exercise I thought it would be fun to try to draw someone in each of the artists' styles. Having rewatched Wes Andersons' The Grand Budapest Hotel again, I decided to draw the character Zero Mustafa! 

Style Exploration! - image 1 - student project

Exercise 2:

For the other assignment I thought it would be fun to continue and try to draw Zero in my own style! 

Style Exploration! - image 2 - student project

I really enjoyed this class, what a cool exploration into style. I especially loved looking into other illustrators work to discover what I may like about illustration, and using that information as tools for the future. What I also will take away from this course is the reminder that our style is constantly changing, and that we can use different styles for different mediums. Thank you!