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Samantha G.

designer for creative bloggers & entrepreneurs



Style & Design- defining your brand

What are you good at? 

creating visual identities for creatives.  I focus on personal style & branding to tell stories through visual greatness

How do you want to spend your day?

I'd like to work from home (wherever it may be) and share projects, advice & inspiration for how young creatives can build a brand and life that they are proud of.  I share my brand through my blog, a soo-to-launch magazine & through social media.  I would like to work in the mornings & have free time (at least some) at night.  

What do you want to produce?

Brand identities for creative entreprenuers.  I also create art prints & style guides to help my audience build a visually striking & well-rounded life

How will others benefit from working with you?

By understanding that the way they are showing up in their life (their style, their home, their beauty routine) is part of their brand... even if they don't call it a brand.  I hope my audience can see the value in telling a visual story that sets them apart & allows them to shine.  

How will you advertise?

social media? through the digital magazine? 

here's where I'm at:


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