Style Class

Style Class - student project

This first part involves three case studies of illustration that inspire me. I will upload work in progress for the next part when I get there. Thanks!Style Class - image 1 - student projectStyle Class - image 2 - student projectStyle Class - image 3 - student project


My set of illustrations revolve around me being an art teacher and having to teach online during this whole school year as a result of the pandemic.

This is just a quick update to share my process for one of the words: PENCIL.


This image has several ideas sketched out. I prefer to do rough sketches in ink on paper instead of the iPad. It just feels more natural to me. I am very much inspired by simple linework, geometric shapes, Bauhaus/Constructivist design/art.

Style Class - image 4 - student project


These are 4 versions that I liked the most. They've now been digitized using Procreate. After I go with one that I like the most, I will further develop it, while still keeping the minimal aesthetic. Then, I will bring it into Illustrator to transform it to vector format.

Style Class - image 5 - student project


Quick update: I have the sketches, colored/digitized sketches, and what so far is the more finalized version for the word TABLET. Feedback appreciated!


Style Class - image 6 - student project

Style Class - image 7 - student project

Final one I decided to go with for this word.

Style Class - image 8 - student project