Stuffed Books: Encourage, Inspire, Motivate

Stuffed Books: Encourage, Inspire, Motivate - student project

Stuffed Books: Encourage, Inspire, Motivate - image 1 - student projectStuffed Books: Encourage, Inspire, Motivate - image 2 - student project

No child deserves to feel pain whether it be physical or mental. Bullying is an epidemic and I'd like to help.

Intense Media is a real company that publishes apps and books that encourage children through apps and books. I'm a one-person shop and I put all my energy into creating apps and books so I have little time to create a great web site. The reason I took this class is I admit, I needed help.

I used Meg's grid and it really helped me organize the page better. It was a great exercise for me. BUT, the design is only for a one page site. The real challenge will be opening up the site and adding buttons for other pages. I welcome feedback to show that I'm on the right track.

My goal for this project is to focus on the child and not the product.

Here is my current website of our app company: check it out live.

You can see where I need a little help!

I'm one person, but I do it all ( design, management, business, IT, illustration, writing) and and I always put my needs last.

For the project I wanted to make a website:

clean engaging emotional

I appreciate your feedback.

Nick Nebelsky

Author / Illustrator / ESL Teacher