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Stuff to Help You

Art Supplies

  • Acrylic or craft paints, suitable for canvas:  Buy the best quality paints you can afford.  At the end of the project, you'll be glad you did.
  • (Optional) Uni-Posca paint markers:  These are the best acrylic paint markers I have ever used.  My artist friends are crazy about these.  They are not alcohol-based like poster markers, and they rarely drip.  They also do not leave an oily residue (additive) on your painting.



  • 3 Paintbrushes:  Large, medium, and small sizes.  I like to use flat, medium-sized brushes for most work.  It's a good idea to keep a couple pointed round small brushes in your arsenal for fine detail work.  Click on the guide below for more information.


  • 1 square-shaped or rectangular canvas:  double-primed, gallery-wrapped
  • Final touches:  
    • Spray fixative or satin finish.  I suggest 2 coats of this spray layer.  Many people stop here, and that's fine.  Some artists prefer to continue the finishing process by applying: 
    • Gloss Medium or varnish (liquid).  I suggest 2 coats of this transparent varnish applied to the canvas.  
      • Gloss medium can also dilute thick paints, acting as an additive in a similar manner to water.  
      • I like to use gloss medium as the final sealant for my paintings.  Remember you can apply it thickly if you want to create a 3D effect on the surface of your painting.  
      • I do not suggest applying gloss medium before you spray your canvas at least twice.  If you skip the spray step, the medium could blend your surface color layers together.
  • Sketchbook, pencil, and sticky notes:  
    • Record and share your inspirational thoughts, interests, and words.  These will help you communicate the emotions and ideas you want to convey in your project.
    • Take photos of these and share to your social media accounts and to the Skillshare class project page. On Instagram and Twitter, use the hashtag #modernartmasters.

I'm right here, on the other end of this crazy thing we call the internet, quietly cheering for you and hoping that you can stay inspired.  Please let me know how you are doing!
Below, I've listed some materials (some digital and some not) for both my Kandinsky class and my Mondrian class that can motivate you on your artistic journey.

Resources:  Mondrian



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