Stuff & Things

Stuff & Things - student project

A really (REALLY) rough first draft of what I want to do. Finally settled on the phrase and style I want to use. I need to set up proper grids to gain consistancy with the slant now.

The ampersand will be completely different; done in an outlined,  block style and will be behind the words.

The words are from The Walking Dead (and have been made into a number of memes) but also represent my inability to actually commit to a phrase. Plus often I can't articulate my thoughts clearly so "stuff" and "things" are the best I can do to sum up my ideas. In my head, things seem clear but taking the leap to communicate them with others is where is gets mucky.

Stuff & Things - image 1 - student project

Another sketch:

Stuff & Things - image 2 - student project

Jessica Holt

Graphic Designer